Facing considerable competitive pressures, more health plans are looking for innovative ways to deliver benefits and incentives. InComm Healthcare & Affinity has a suite of personalized incentives and programs that are built to meet a health plan's evolving needs.

OTC Supplemental Benefit Card

By giving members easy access to OTC products, our swipe-and-save OTC Supplemental Benefit Card is a simple way for health plans to build and maintain a healthy membership base.

The OTC Supplemental Benefit Card also:

  • Encourages your members to take control of their wellness when they purchase CMS-approved items like vitamins, diabetes care items and allergy/cold and flu medications.
  • Brings greater value to health plan members, making your plan more competitive.
  • Improves HEDIS/STAR ratings by delivering benefits and rewards that help shape your members' purchasing decisions.

OTC Network members can log in to their account at www.OTCNetwork.com

Directed-Spend Incentive & Rewards Card

Health plans want their members to make healthier choices when they get to the register. We can help them do that with our award-winning Directed-Spend Reward Card, a reloadable prepaid card that holds funds that can be used on healthy items.

The Directed-Spend Incentive & Rewards Card can:

  • Provide members with plan-sponsored, reloadable reward dollars on a wide range of prequalified health and wellness items.
  • Deliver targeted rewards to build your member incentives program health goals while returning all unused funds.
  • Improve HEDIS/STAR ratings by delivering benefits and rewards that help shape your members' purchasing decisions.

Swipe&Save Discount Program

Offer your members simple and convenient discounts at retailers by the swipe of their plan-sponsored benefit card.

The Swipe&Save Discounts Program also:

  • Rewards members with savings on everyday products discounts at the swipe of their OTC Network Card
  • Encourages long-term wellness behaviors through short-term price breaks on health-oriented items.
  • Offers include: price discounts, free product, BOGO.
  • Easy to access microsite with all current offers. Click here to view available discounts.
  • Can be used as a standalone or added to any IHA card program.

VanillaDirect™ Pay It Here™ Premium Payments Program

By implementing our Pay It Here Premium Payments Program, health plans enable their members to make convenient payments at local CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Family Dollar and Speedway check-out counter.

Our Pay It Here Premium Payments Program can:

  • Send members a personalized barcode on their premium statements via mail, email, text or app. After the cashier scans the barcode, the member can make a payment, sending funds instantly to the health plan.
  • Help members make payments at no extra cost.
  • Allow members to make payments in cash, helping health plans cater to the unbanked Americans eligible for health coverage.